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Spotlight - moving beyond search We're really excited to announce this latest version of - moving beyond search to a more social and interactive site. Discovery is now much more fun! View your search results as a wall of images with the Cooliris plugin, or see results in Google Earth. It's very easy to share search results with your friends or colleagues by using the social bookmarking tools (Facebook, Digg, Delicious, etc.). We're also outputting data in a number of formats for those of you who want to mash up the data. Check out our features page for a complete list of new features. It's all part of our goal to ensure that what we do makes it easier for you to discover, share, socially connect, and create - because that's what telling our/Your stories is all about.

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A French version of now available...Just click on the En Français link in the navigation bar to switch to the French version of,  or bookmark the url for the French home page -  The GovDocs site also has a French version - see


Government Documents

Search government documents from the Legislative Library directly in the search box above, for browse options and to read more click here.


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